Give & Take Market

Brixton Give & Take market is back for the 4th time. Saturday 29th March.

Whether you want to get rid of stuff or you’re on the hunt for some much needed household items, childrens clothes or a new book to read this an event not to be missed.  So gather up your unwanted books, dinner plates, and lampshades and clear out your wardrobe for some new thrifty additions.

This is a chance to get rid of things you don’t need by donating them to people who need and want them! It’s an opportunity to take home a few things you really do need and save stuff from ending up in a landfill (or in the back of your shed FOREVER)

The event also gives you a chance to speak to electrical repairers and find out some basic reparing and reusing tips and tricks,

 How it works:

You don’t need to give items in order to take anything away. Everyone is welcome to give donate and to take.  Between 9.30-12 we will be on the street accepting donation which will be sorted and weighed by volunteers; these will then be distributed onto market stalls manned by volunteers. From 12pm – 3 the public can come and help themselves. Stalls will be topped up several times throughout the afternoon.

How/what to donate?

  • Please try and drop of donations between 10am and 12pm.
  • Bring your stuff to the Popes Road end of Brixton Station Road and look out for the ‘drop off’ area and volunteers in high-viz
  • Please make sure everything you donate is in fairly good nick and clean otherwise we won’t be able to accept it and please don’t bring us knives or chemicals.
  • Electricals: we’re happy to take working electrical, and if you’re electrical item is broken please put a note on it saying so and saying what is broken, that way we can make sure it goes to someone who can fix it.
  • Please put any small or delicate items in separate bags or boxes and label anything unusual.
  • Ideas of what to donate: garden plants, houseplants, books, houseware, clothes, shoes, children’s toys, tools, broken musical instruments, working musical instruments, pots, pans, DVDs, bicycles, board games, tents, I could go on forever.

The event relies heavily on a wonderful team of volunteers working on the day, if you’d like to volunteer get in touch by emailing