A real community gives and takes

A real community gives and takes

Brix Give Take Bugle ad AprilAnd that’s exactly what fellow Brixtonites did at the Give and Take Market on Saturday 30 March 2013.

Thousands of local people dusted off the stuff they didn’t need any more and swapped them for things they did. For free.

We had clothes, books, pots, pans. Some people even bagged themselves kids’ bikes, laptops and roller skates. But the free stuff didn’t stop there.

You could learn how to make picture frames, volunteers from the Restart project fixed up any electrical items, and people  from the Brixton BlogBrixton Pound and Norwood and Brixton Foodbank shared their latest projects. All for free.

The day was bigger than we ever imagined. So a huge thanks to our event sponsors, Veolia, the waste management and recycling firm. And another thanks to the volunteers who kept it running smoothly.

Some fast facts:

  • Locals donated nearly one ton of stuff (956kg). That’s the same weight as eight baby elephants.
  • We gave 100kg to charity and the recycling bank. That’s one baby elephant (not that we’d give that to charity).
  • Restart saved nearly all of the donated electrical items from going to waste with their steady hands and expert advice.

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