Get a webpage

Brixton Market street traders can have their own page on this site. It’ll have a web address like

To get your webpage just send an email to us at with some pictures or graphics,  some text saying when you’re in the market and what you sell, and your trading name.  We’ll then set it up for you.

You’ll be able to log in here to manage your page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
It’s free to members of Brixton Market Traders’ Federation, and all street traders in Brixton Market.

Why are you doing it?
To benefit the community and help market traders. We’re a Community Interest Company, and those are some of our objectives.

What’s the main advantage?
We know many people search using “brixton market” looking for particular goods, or types of goods. At the moment such searches don’t yield much. But if your page mentions what they’re looking for, then people will find you.

What should I include on my page?
Try to bear in mind all those searches where people are looking to find particular goods in the market. Imagine what search terms they may use to find what you sell. And then make sure to include those search engine friendly words in your text.

Search engines like text, people like pictures.  So be sure to have plenty of text on your page as well as some pictures or graphics.

Can I link to my website, facebook page, twitter account, or whatever?
Yes, feel free. We’ve been established on the web since 2008, and have thousands of visitors a week.  A link from this site to your own is only going to help your credibility in the eyes of google and the rest.

I do markets elsewhere ~ can I mention them on my page?
Yes, the page is to help you publicise your business, so feel free to publish your timetable for folks to find.

Can I sell goods through the site?
Not yet, but it’s something the site could do in the future.  If we do introduce that service, we’d likely make a charge.

OK, I’ve logged in. Now what?
On the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a dark menu column, and, on that, the word “Posts”. Mouse-over the word “Posts” and a menu will appear with “All Posts” at the top. Click on “All Posts” and you will see your page listed, and available for edit.

I messed up my edit. What do I do?
Just move away from the screen (by, say, clicking on the word “Dashboard” on the menu column) to abandon your changes by leaving the page. You’ll also discover the site software remembers past versions of your page, and you can revert to one of these.