Growing Station Road

Growing Station Road

Summer is well on its way and our market is growing – literally. We have new trees and our first planter boxes on site!

Jason, from Community Freshview, transformed re-claimed scaffolding boards into planter boxes, and our friends at Brockwell Community Greenhouses grew plants especially for us. They also helped run a planting session at our Children’s Market, leaving behind a burst of greenery to be envied.

Tomatoes, fennel and beans are bedded in with fiery nasturtiums, pansies and, my favourite, borage. Borage has dusty green stems and little blue flowers that taste of cucumbers!

Since we love food it’s great having edible plants and flowers around. We can just imagine traders being inspired by the flavours and cafes picking the flowers for their vases!

Afras, a local DIY shop owner, is kindly looking after the plants, with help from other shopkeepers and traders. But we could always do with a hand – if you’re passing through feel free to give the plants a little water.

To top it all off, there are plans to install a rainwater collection system, meaning we’ll get to store rainwater for watering the plants and do our bit to ease the strain on Londons drains. Big thanks to Brixton Business Improvement District for making this possible.

The bigger picture here is to make Brixton Station Road a popular place for everyone – so the street markets continue to be used and loved in Brixton.

Not to mention the benefit to the environment and urban bees – perhaps we’ll get our own hive next!